Torch Major Calories in Less Time!

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By Bill Waltzek – CPT Tabata training has been all the rage over the past few years but how effective is it? A recent study from Auburn University looked at the Tabata protocol of 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest for 8 total rounds.  What they found was that type of high intensity training burned 13.5 …

Climb Your Way to a Healthier Life

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  By Bill Waltzek – Certified Personal Trainer Because most of our job revolves around sitting at a desk all day, it is important that you get up every once in awhile and move.   A simple way to burn an extra few calories is to take the stairs.  According to, the average 150 pound person will burn 7 calories …

The Great Pumpkin Workout

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Now that Halloween is over, don’t discard that pumpkin just yet. We put together a fun pumpkin workout that you might enjoy. Watch the video and give it your best!

Make Your Workout an Adventure

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By Bill Waltzek – CPT Are your vacations relaxing or active? A nice week long relaxing vacation is a perfect reward for all the hard work of eating healthy and pushing your body to the limits to achieve a sculpted physique. But for those of you like me who find sitting still hard to do, take the opportunity to make …

Mommy’s Time to Get Buff

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With the busy schedule of a mother, workouts are hard to come by.  So finding the time to workout has to be strategic.  Last month I created a playground workout for ForwardFit that required no equipment – just the use of the local playground.  With the popularity of this workout I thought, let’s do something fun and creative that will …

Olympic Workouts

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Picture Via Constant Contact The power, speed and technique of the best athletes in the world exceed even the most avid athletes. You might assume that Olympians’ training programs are too tough to even attempt, but there are ways that you can incorporate elements of their workouts into your own. Olympic athletes’ regimens offer ideas for improving your fitness and …

The Playground Workout

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The days of wishing you were a kid again are over. It’s time to take it back to the ultimate kid escape – the playground. But this time instead of sliding down the kiddy slide ten times, you will be taking a beating on the monkey bars. Okay, I know, not exactly the fun you were thinking of, but stick …