Find the Balance to Good Health and a Manageable Life

Shannon Yoga


By Shannon Flanagan – CPT

Everywhere you look these days there seems to be more information about how to improve your health. It seems there are a million methods of reducing stress and promoting wellness. It can be confusing and downright frustrating sometimes to figure out what diet, herb or exercise program is right for you without breaking the bank by process of elimination or taking up all of your time! By reconnecting with your own true nature and reconnecting with the nature around you, you can achieve better health and a happier more manageable life.

Natural health is about gaining balance in all the parts that make up your daily life, to decrease stress and promote wellness by incorporating your mind, body and spirit in everyday life. When everything works in conjunction with each other they move your life along smoothly, if one is off balance it can throw everything off. What can happen is you burn out with high levels of stress, overwhelming sensation, sleep deprivation and depleted energy and you can eventually develop chronic pain, illness or even disease. So how many of your spokes are off balance? And how do you begin to fix them?

Here are some tips you can follow to get you started on the journey to balance:
Don’t try to fix them all at once. This is the mistake most make and end up exhausted, overwhelmed and frustrated. Start with the one you instinctively feel needs the most help. By making improvements in just one aspect you are actually boosting all the others. Once you have become confident in one aspect of your life you can move to the next improvement on your list.

Once you develop awareness of your own processes and patterns-physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Write down goals. It will help to achieve them if they are written down.
Take each set back as a learning experience and don’t let yourself dwell with ups comes downs. So don’t get frustrated, learn your lesson and move on.

Step out of your comfort zone and actively do something that feels a bit uncomfortable. This is necessary if you want your life to change. I always say if you want to change you must challenge yourself.
Get rid of people or things that no longer serve you. Let the “toxic” people in your life go and make room for the people that fit in with your new lifestyle. I had a friend that was always negative and it made me feel down and stressed. I chose to let them out of my life and now I think and feel differently.

Never try to force yourself into an exercise, diet or any program or new way of life that you know you will have trouble sticking with. If something about it is appealing to you take those pieces and make it your own, baby steps. Create your own success!

Lastly keep in mind that as human beings we take in energy from all sources around us, organize it and then return or dissipate it to the environment around us. This flow of energy is essential to wellness and happiness. Dis-ease comes as an interference to that flow…in other words if it doesn’t feel right to your mind, body, spirit or emotional being you will emit a turbulent energy and that is what will come back at you as instability, interference, and imbalance.

You have the answers. Trust your instincts, ground yourself, align with what feels good to you and your essential beliefs. Be a better you!

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