Goal Setting


By Shannon Flanagan

1.  Set a big goal for yourself.  This is a long-term goal you may achieve in a month, a year, six months, by summer, etc. For example, if your goal is to run a half marathon, fit into your jeans from a few years ago, or 30 day workout challenge, and you have never done these things before then these are great long-term, achievable goals.

2. Split your long-term goals into smaller parts. Once you have established your long-term goal, you must break that goal down into smaller parts. If my goal is to eat better and lose weight; that is a very vague goal. I need a clear plan of how I am going to reach that goal. Eating better means 5-6 small meals per day, choosing healthy foods, and adding exercise to my routine, perhaps 3 days per week. That is more specific. I can have a food list and set of rules on what I can and can’t eat until I achieve my goals. That means I must prepare meals, set a routine workout plan and then following through.  Continue reading…

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