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July 2015 Workout Challenge of the Month

Perform the following in as many rounds as possibly in 20 minutes.

10 KB Swings
10 Mountain Climbers with Pushup
10 KB Upright Rows
10 KB Goblet Squats
10 Burprees

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ForwardFit Boxing

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ForwardFit Anniversary Celebration

Anniversary Celebration_ Year_Flyer_FF
We are so excited to celebrate our 2nd year anniversary at our Carol Stream location that we want to invite you to come and join us. On Saturday, June 13th we will be having FREE classes. 9am Fitness Boxing, 10am – Metabolic Circuit Training, Possibly more!!! We will have vendors on hand giving out samples answering questions and offering items for our raffle. Also as a big bonus if you sign up for a membership that day you will receive your first month free!

The event is free so invite friends and family. We look forward to celebrating this special day with you.

Questions? Ask bwaltzek@forwardfit.com

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June 2015 Workout Challenge of the Month

Peform the following moves with 10 reps each for 5 total rounds for time.

Barbell Clean and Press – 10
Barbell Front Squat – 10
Barbell Deadlift – 10
Barbell Bent Over Row – 10
Barbell Ab Roll Out – 10

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Navigating Nutrition: How to read food labels to make the healthiest purchases.

Come join us as our registered dietition Carla presents this great topic on Saturday, May 30th at 11:15am at ForwardFit. 26w535 St. charles Rd. unit B, Carol Stream, IL 60188

Every week it seems there is a news story about what is or is not healthy for us. The grocery store is crowded with thousands of items in their bright, shiny packages. But what does it all mean? Grass-fed, cage-free, high protein, Non-GMO. In this presentation we will go over all the claims you see in the grocery store and hear on TV so you know exactly where your money is going and what you are buying to eat as healthy as possible.

Please contact: bwaltzek@forwardfit.com or call 630-660-7783 for more information.

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14 Days for 14 Dollars

14 days for 14 dollars

Email: bwaltzek@forwardfit.com or call 630-660-7783 to sign up.  It’s only a dollar a day for unlimted acces for 14 days. 

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Pass Me The Sugar?


By Karolynn Bush- Contributing writer

Sugars are carbohydrates that provide the body with energy, our body’s fuel. Sugars occur naturally in fruit, vegetables and dairy foods and are added to foods for flavor, texture and color. You should aim to consume no more than your recommended intake and limit foods that are high in added sugars and low in other nutrients. There are two types of sugars in American diets: naturally occurring sugars and added sugars. Naturally occurring sugars are found naturally in foods such as fruit (fructose) and milk (lactose).

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May 2015 Workout Challenge of the Month

Perform the following 3 times in a row.  Start with the cardio portion first followed by the ab portion and repeat for a total of 3 times.

Run 1 mile

Ab work: 30 sec. each
-MB Pull over to Toe Touch
-MB Russian Twists
-MB Mountain Climbers
-Side Crunches (MB between knees)
-MB Exchange
-Alt MB Mountain Climbers
-MB Overhead Slams

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Warm Weather, Fresh Plates



By Carla Schuit RD, LDN, MPH

Entering into May I am cautiously optimistic that Mother Nature is finally committing to some warmer weather and sunny days. Spring and fall are my favorite seasons because they are a transition time not only for weather but for food as well. About this time of year I am ready to put away my hot chili and stew recipes and bring out the salads, light up the grills and freshen things up!

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