5 Harmful Ingredients to Avoid!


By Shannon Flanagan – CPT

We live in a time of quick fixes. People will eat anything that says fat free or sugar free, however, just because it says “healthy choice”, doesn’t mean it is. Here are some top ingredients to stay away from because they cause more harm than good to your body.

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What is in your Cup?!

Cherry Coke Zero

By Carla Schuit -Registered Dietitian

What is hiding in your cup? Is it helping or hurting your diet and fitness goals? One of the craftiest places those calories hide is in the things we drink. We spend a great deal of time carefully choosing the foods we eat but rarely do we consider our beverages and their contribution to our calorie intake. I am not talking proteins shakes and smoothies. I mean that soda at lunch and sweetened tea or coffee drink in the morning. It is hard to fathom that all that hard work you put in at the gym can be sabotaged by your beverage choice.

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30 Day Training Experience

ForwardFit 30 Day Training Experience Kit_Marketing_Page_1

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August 2014 Workout Challenge of the Month

Perform the following for as many rounds as you can in 20 minutes

10- DB Squat, Thrust and Press

10- Pullup

10- Hanging Knee Raises

10- 2-Hand KB Swings


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MYZONE is Here! – Register now to see amazing results!

myzone tv 1280 x 720.indd

Now available at ForwardFit – MYZONE.  Heart rate training – The ultimate Workout Motivator.  Challenge yourself and your ForwardFit group.  Get yours now at the front desk.  Only $75 for the belt and a $15 monthly fee.

Checkout more information here!

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July 2014 Workout Challenge of the Month

Perform the following for 25 minutes completing as many rounds as you can.

- 10 KB Swings
- 10 Spiderman Pushups (5 per side)
- 10 V-situps
- 10 KB Goblet Squat and Press
- 10 TRX Row

Top Rounds 16

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My Top 10 Healthy Cooking Tips

Brooke_kitchen 3

By Brooke Rodgers – Holistic Health Coach

When cooking in the kitchen for the first time or the 100th time, many recipe concoction experiments are administered which can be a wonderful, creative thing, even if you make mistakes. Either way, that is OK! How else can one learn without making mistakes? Getting creative in the kitchen, tossing the recipe outline aside and creating something from your own hands is probably one of the best things any chef can do. Be bad.

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June 2014 Workout Challenge of the Month

Perform the following for as many rounds as possible in 25 minutes:

10 – 2 Arm KB Clean and Press
10 – Lunges each leg
10 – Pushups
10 – Pull ups

Rounds to beat:
Anna – 7
KB – 6
Katie – 8
Zach – 7
Kent – 6

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Celebrate ForwardFit’s 1 Year Anniversary!

FF 1 Year

Mark your calendars- June ForwardFit will be one year old!!! Saturday, June 14th we will be having our anniversary celebration from 9am-noon. Many Vendors will be on hand with free samples and raffle prizes such as GNC, Nutrilite, Quest Nutrition, Sarah Elisabeth SalonsHealthy Farm, Plate, YouDick Pond Athletics and more… Get a free massage from our amazing massage therapist. 

We will have free classes from 9am – noon. 
9am – Fitness Boxing
10am – Metabolic Circuit Training
11am – FF challenges 

This event is free so bring the family and spread the word!

Special membership discounts if you sign up on this day only!

Questions contact Bill at: 630-660-7783 or bwaltzek@forwardfit.com

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April 2014 ForwardFit Athlete of the Month!

April 2014 Athlete of the month

We are excited to announce that each month we will be presenting an athlete of the month. This recognition will be voted on by members of ForwardFit to an individual member that has shown incredible improvement and drive. Someone that has accomplished personal bests and inspires others to become better.

We are super thrilled with our first Athlete of the Month for April 2014 goes to Zach Brundage! Congratulations Zach! Please read his accomplishments in the photo.

Zach has won $20 Gift Card and can invite a friend as a guest to ForwardFit for an entire month for free! In addition if that guest signs up Zach gets a cash back reward.

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