April 2013 Workout Challenge of the Month

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10 – Squat, Thrust and KB Snatch
20 – KB Deadlifts
50 – Superband Presses
20 – Box Jumps
10 – Squat, Thrust and KB Snatch

3 Rounds for Time! – The following workout captured accumulative time for each round.

April Challenge of the Month

Squat, Thrust and KB Snatch

Squat, Thrust and Snatch 1Squat, Thrust and Snatch 2

Squat, Thurst and Snatch 3Squat, Thurst and Snatch 4

Squat, Thurst and Snatch 5

Squat, Thurst and Snatch 6

KB Deadlifts

KB Deadlift 1 KB Deadlift 2

Band Presses

Band Shoulder Press 1 Band Shoulder Press 2

Box Jumps

Box Jump 1 Box Jump 2Box Jump 3

Squat, Thrust and KB Snatch

Repeat for 3 total rounds for total time.

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