Same Workout, Same Results

Are you tired of doing the same workout day in and day out? If so, it’s time to make a change. Switching up your workout can get your re-energized and motivated to achieve the goals you are looking for.

Many times when I am at a gym I see people slugging along with no excitement in their workouts. They have been doing the same routine that they hate and can’t seem to lose a pound.

Spruce up your workout with these simple changes to your traditional routine. Not only will you see results you haven’t been getting, you will look forward to your workout and will be shocked at how the time flies.

Equipment Needed: TRX / Bodyweight

Current Routine – Updated Routine

Bench Press – TRX Atomic Pushups

Lat Pull Down – TRX Rows

Crunches – TRX Jackknife

Squats – TRX Squat Jump

Deadlifts – TRX Hamstring Curl

The Workout:
After a good 5 to 10 minute warm up try each exercise above for 1 minute, and then perform 30 seconds of Burpees before moving on to the next exercise. Rest 1 minute after you have completed all the exercises, then repeat for a total of 3 rounds.

-Bill Waltzek

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