12/31/09 Beginner Kettlebell Workout #1

Foam Roll – Hamstrings, Glutes, lower back

Warm Up – (1 minute each for 1 to round)
Toy Soldiers
Hand Walks
Squat w/ Hamstring Stretch
Opposite Arm Swing

Workout – ( Perform 1 – 5 Rounds – Start 30 sec each exercise and build up to 1 minute each )
(If you do not have a rope, replace with any cardio exercise i.e…. Jumping jacks, Mountain climbers etc.)

Two hand KB Swing
Rope – Alt Waves
Dead Clean
Rope – In and Out Waves
Long Cycle Clean and Press
Rope – Double Waves
Two Hand Dead Squat
Rope – Inside and Outside Circles

Foam Roll – Same as above

Good Luck!

-Bill Waltzek