6 Quick Moves to Blast Your Arms

By Bill Waltzek – CPT

Need a quick pump? Try these 6 exercises to blast your arms.

Perform 4 sets of each exercise starting with a higher rep range of 12 reps and a lower weight while increasing weight with each set.

It should look like the following:

Set 1 – 12 reps Weight 85 lbs
Set 2 – 10 reps Weight 95 lbs
Set 3 – 10 reps Weight 100 lbs
Set 4 – 8 reps Weight 105 lbs

The goal is to keep a constant pump on the upper arms by alternating sets from biceps to triceps.

Perform the following exercises in the order below. Lift as much weight as you can while keeping strict form and applying the appropriate rep range per set.


Preacher Curl

  • While resting your upper arms on the pad of the preacher bench grab the attached handles.
  • While keeping your upper arms still, bend your elbows and curl the bar towards your shoulders.
  • Squeeze and hold for 2 seconds then lower the weight slowly to the starting position.


Lying Dumbbell Triceps Extension

  • Grab a pair of dumbbells and lie face up on a flat bench
  • Press the pair of dumbbells over your head with straight arms
  • While keeping your upper arms straight, bend your elbows slowly lower the dumbbells beyond parallel towards the floor
  • Slowly raise your arms back to the starting position

Seated Alternating Bicep Curl

  • Position the bench to an incline position, about 75 degrees
  • Grab a pair a of dumbbells and start with both arms resting at your sides
  • While keeping your upper arm stationary and close to your body, curl one arm slowly and rotate your palms out at the top position
  • Slowly return the weight back to the starting position and repeat on the opposite arm

Reverse Dips

  • Face away from a flat bench.  Place both hands on the bench while extending your legs away from the bench.  (For increased difficulty elevate your feet) (For even more difficulty add a weight to your hips)
  • Lower your body until your elbows are at 90 degrees of flexion while keeping your elbows in close to your body.
  • Press your body back up through your arms but keep your elbows soft at the top.

High Cable Bicep Curl

  • Attach a rope handle to the high pulley of the cable machine.
  • Grab the handle with one arm so that your arm is parallel to the floor
  • Slowly curl your arm towards your face
  • Squeeze and hold for 2 seconds at the top of the movement
  • Slowly lower your arm back to the starting position
  • Repeat on the opposite side after recommended repetitions

Triceps Pressdown

  • Attach a rope handle to the high pulley of the cable machine.
  • Bend your arms and grab the bar with an overhand grip.
  • Keep your arms close to your body
  • Without moving your upper arms, push the bar down until your elbows are locked.
  • Slowly return to the starting position