8/20/09 Take Your Training to New Heights!

Suspension training has been a popular topic lately with the introduction of the TRX system, designed by a Navy Seal. Set up is extremely easy, just hook the nylon straps around a pull-up bar, door or even a tree. Adjust the buckles for height changes and you are ready to go.

A great advantage with the TRX system is you can take your workouts anywhere. The TRX is easier to use on the go then others that use the same concept, such a gymnastic rings.

With TRX, traditional exercises become a bit more challenging as it engages your entire core to keep stable. By being suspended, not only does your core get a great workout , but you can challenge your entire body. It’s body weight meets gravity.

Try this sample workout using the TRX!

1. Back Rows – 30 sec.
2. Chest Press – 30 sec.
3. Balance Lunge – 30 sec.
4. Suspended Crunch – 30 sec.

Perform in a circuit and repeat for 3 sets total.

-Bill Waltzek