Climb Your Way to a Healthier Life

Stairs photo


By Bill Waltzek – Certified Personal Trainer

Because most of our job revolves around sitting at a desk all day, it is important that you get up every once in awhile and move.  

A simple way to burn an extra few calories is to take the stairs.  According to, the average 150 pound person will burn 7 calories per minute taking the stairs versus 1 calorie taking the elevator.  The more you weigh the more calories you will burn.  If you run up the stairs you will burn more versus walking.

Kick it up a notch!

Want to burn even more calories?  Try this stair workout during your lunch hour, before work or even after work. 

Starting on the first floor, begin by running up to the top level, let say 8 floors.  Then walk back down to the second floor, run back up to the 8th floor, then back down to the third floor, then run back up to the 8th floor.  Continue this process till you meet in the middle. Once you have finished through, repeat the series as many times as you can handle.  Alternate between skipping one step and hitting every step between rounds. 

Bonus:  Wear a weight vest or backpack to add even more intensity to your climb.  Double Bonus: Perform 20 body weight squats every time you hit the 8th floor.   

You will be soaked with sweat after this one, so bring a towel and water. Good luck!