Define Your Resolution!

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By Bill Waltzek – CPT

The biggest problems that many people face when making resolutions are making them last.   Life gets in the way and you tend to lose focus on your resolution and you start this cycle over again.  Here are a few tips that I hope will work for you in making your resolution stick!  Good luck!

1)   Keep it Simple – Try to stick to one resolution.  You can always add once you achieve this first item.  You are more willing to stick with it if you add small changes than to try overhauling your entire life.

2)   Write it down – Studies show that by writing down your goals you are more likely to achieve them.  Think about an attainable goal, write it down and keep it in a place or two that you will see it every day (like your mirror, refrigerator or computer).

3)   Be Specific – It is easy to say you want smaller thighs, but in order for your goals to stick they need to be measurable.  Try writing down that you would like to lose two pant sizes by May 1st.  This way you have a date and a measurable goal to be accountable for.

4)   Get a Partner – Having someone join you can make significant differences in your ability to achieve your goals.  By having a partner you can be accountable to each other and encourage each other to stick with the program.   In Fact, post your goals on Facebook or other social media outlets.  When more people know your goals you will receive more inquires on them, which will keep you driven to achieve those goals.    

5)   Gut Check – Resolutions are hard to stick with so it is important to put in a gut check every month to make sure you are on track.  Put a reminder in your calendar on the first of each month to keep you focused.  Maybe an inspirational quote or picture to keep you fired up.  Or just a simple question to say, how are you doing on your resolution?

There can be many bumps on this road but just remember if you fall you can always get back up.  You can start your resolution anytime.  Just follow these simple tips and just remember, you have someone cheering for you over here.  Good luck!