Lean, Mean 2015


By Bill Waltzek – CPT
As millions of people start their New Year’s resolutions this year, it is important to have a game plan that will make your resolution stick. While many people will get sidelined after the first few weeks or even the first month, follow these helpful tips to make sure you are not one of those unlucky ones.

1. What’s your reason? Many people pick something to change because it is the first of the year and that is just what you do. Ask yourself, why you are making this resolution. It is important that you find a real reason why you want to make this change. If you serious and find meaning in what you are trying to accomplish, you will be determined to make it stick.

2. Pick one resolution. The truth is, the more changes you try to make the more likely you are to fail. Choose one and make it stick for at least 4 weeks. If after the 4 weeks you have been consistent with making the change, then add one other change. Remember to only add one change at a time. Again, we are trying to make your resolution stick long term.

3. Keep a Journal. You are going to have some days where you crash and fall off from your goal, and that is okay. Make sure you write down all the good things you have accomplished so you can go back and see what you have done so far and jump back on track. In your journal you can put down as much or as little as you want. Here a few ideas: Workouts, food intake, water intake, hours of sleep, quality of sleep, energy and willingness to seize the day.

4. Get a support system. A support system is huge! It is a fact that people are more successful when they have supportive people around them then when they are doing a major change on their own. Try telling everyone you know about your resolution. Post it on Facebook or Twitter. By posting your goal, you might feel like you are letting everyone else down if you quit. Secondly, if people know you are doing this resolution, they will most likely check in on you and encourage you when you report weekly weight losses or whatever you may choose as your goal.

Join a weight loss group or a gym that has group classes. Working out in a group environment is a great motivator in achieving your fitness goals. At ForwardFit, we have group classes, the energy and support, not to mention the fun has been a major part of the success of our clients. The great part of group training is you are doing the same thing, so you can go through the pains and gains together.

Try these tips to help you have a lean, mean 2015!